About Kiwanis Club of Avalon Park

Serving the Avalon Park, Lake Nona, Waterford Lakes and UCF areas since 2009.

There is no single word to describe a typical Kiwanis member. In fact, our members are anything but typical. While we share many common values, each of us is a unique individual and we join for a variety of reasons. For all of us, though, making our community a better place for children is important, and that’s exactly what we do as a club.

So, who are our members? Many Kiwanis members are professionals who work in a corporate setting, while others are entrepreneurs and business owners. Our members are educators working in schools and daycare centers. Some of our members are retired and want to spend their free time giving back.

Being a Kiwanis member is also a great opportunity to meet interesting people, possibly someone who could become a new contact, a valued mentor or a life-long friend! It’s an opportunity to develop your leadership skills and apply them in a way that helps your community.

So if you’d like to learn more about Kiwanis Club of Avalon Park, just fill out our contact form and we’ll invite you to one of our monthly morning meetings. We always have an interesting program and a guest speaker and we’ll even buy you breakfast! So come on out and explore what you can do for Kiwanis… and what Kiwanis can do for you!